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Full Service Investment sales and leasing services for experienced clients

  • Quality services take time and attention of the best people you can find and sometimes a cooperative arrangement between a local or specialist and a generalist.

  • Special properties need special attention, and don’t sell themselves and may benefit from consulting long before being brought to market.

  • The best values aren’t always listed or values as listed. Flawed Buildings are not good investments. Finding valuable properties often means finding a building not yet on the market or a plan to locate a tenant for a vacant building with a creative re-development plan that will always be in demand or more than meet your own companies or life needs if changes are made.

Negotiated commission brokerage services - “discounted” services or more aptly ‘fee allocations’:

  • direct transactions between owners of unlisted properties to facilitate an arms length transaction

  • ‘point and shoot’ situations where an experienced buyer has researched a market but desires an agent to share fee’s favorably with listing agent or licensed partners

  • add-value selection of local agents and property utility, amenity, and potential assessments compensated by referral fees.

(I do not “rent” my license or allow agents to ‘hang’ their license. If I am being paid as a broker, I need to be aware of the entirety of a transaction.)