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Now I Do Web Stuff!

After an entrepreneurial career in investment real estate I've gone into a new field that I've had a longtime interest in: Web Development. Learning new things is a way of life for a Web Developer. I'm excited about that. I hope to join a team building things much larger than one person can build alone.

On a personal note, I've lifted buildings off the ground, built Craftsman style treehouses, pirate ships, giant spiders, driven a boat around France, and I enjoy sharing puns with friends.

Visit a few of my Web-projects described below.

Color Matching Game
Schema Designer
Top-Ten List Maker
Javascript Game
TV Fan-Site

The HueColorGame challenges visitors to match designated-points in pictures to one of 139 named colors. The closer the color match, the more points a player receives per guess.

I had fun combining a scored game with a somewhat educational site. I like visiting sites where there are things I can interact with.

HueColor is a Ruby on Rails application with a AngularJS front end. The administrative CRUD interface is clean but hidden from user view.

This game makes use of the Ruby Paperclip gem. The site is deployed at Amazon Web Services using elastic beanstalk, a S3 bucket to store the photos, and route 53 for DNS purposes.

The Canvas and color measuring operations are handled by a library named Paper.js. People have done some incredible things with Paper.js and I hope to come back to it in the future to create even more interactive page elements.

Active Schema Designer is an open source database schema creation tool. In addition to creating and saving schemas, a user can click and download formatted code for some migrations. We have plans for additional methods to easily share work in progress with associates.

The site is a Ruby on Rails application that uses a number JQuery and CSS libraries on the front end: JQuery UI, JQ Timing, JQ Steps, JQ Connections, FontAwesome and Pure.css. It was impressive how quickly you can build a site with those tools.

The developer team was led by David Uli, and included Brenda Nguyen, Zakai Robbins and myself. We conceived and created this project at DevBootcamp.

We welcome pull requests that could include additional features and enhancements. The code is available at Github.

Note: this site is deployed on a Heroku development server. It takes a while to load as the test-server needs to restart after you click on the link.! is a MEAN stack application deployed on Amazon Web Services. It's nearly ready for me to star promoting it to teen Justin Bieber fans, and sports "opinionados" who might think Elway was better than Manning

I've really enjoyed learning the MEAN stack. I had an earlier prototype of the application using vanilla JavaScript and the Sinatra framework. Pure JavaScript has it's merits but AngularJs's two-way data-binding really let me take it quickly to UX experience level.

We'll see if I develop some traffic that will pay for more than a latte here and there. All I need is for Kim Kardashian to re-tweet a picture from a sister Twitter-bot app I wrote that will periodically tweet current standings.

I've read Rolling Stone's, and ESPN's "best ever" lists and I wanted to respond right back at them. With a few clicks and drags a visitor can easily chime-in on all sorts of subjects and share a photo of their list via social media with the html2canvas library I made use of.

I made the game Wrecking Ball! entirely with JavaScript. I didn't use any custom game libraries.

I figured making a game that way would be a great way to get acquainted with some special aspects of the language. This was definitely another "learning while doing" project. I didn't even know what a "canvas" element was when I started the project only a week after a basic introduction to JavaScript.

It is great and easy to do new things as a web developer: people have written shared so many tools and walk-throughs on the web. I can get started working on something new after only hours of reading and experimenting.

I give credit to a number of web-tutorials that took me through many new concepts step by step. I name two on the landing page. I had fun. It took a while. I learned a lot. Hopefully the game will make you smile! Beware of the corny sound effects.

Before attending DevBootcamp I explored the PHP based Drupal CMS. is a fan opinion site for The Voice and American Idol. It currently has over a thousand data-filled pages.

My goal was to create a far more interactive site to share impressions and memories than the existing hodge-podge of forums, hard to access videos, and lost and forgotten discussions from the time of airing years ago.

It will remain in it's current concept mode. Unfortunately the country isn't obsessing over the amateur performers anymore, the networks have gotten stricter with IP, and there is too much data-entry involved to maintain it as a hobby-only site.

The TV networks should really create sites like this to profit from their existing libraries. Quick to load and simple to navigate, the encyclopedic content would add a sense of historical relevance to their TV properties.

Hire Me! I'm available for freelance work, but I would really like to find a full-time position working with a great team.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas, projects, or opportunities you might have in mind.

Tom Norian . 415-706-9605 .

X Hire Me! I'm available for freelance work, but I would really like to find a full-time position working with a great team.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas, projects, or opportunities you might have in mind.

Tom Norian . 415-706-9605 .