• Rothko like Stripes
  • Blue and Gray Stripes Under a Wispy Cloudy Sky
  • Green Shore at Blue Sierra Lake
  • My Garage Art Studio

Spray-paint Artwork

It's a step above fingerpainting but not much.   Still I've gone to plenty of modern art museums and always wondered if I could do as well without much practice.The answer was "sort-of"The really alarming thing is I think I got worse as I went along.Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.  An even better idea is trying them for yourselves!

Backpacking Scenery

My favorite part about bacpacking is soaking in the colors.   Natures colors are vivid especially up in the mountains and especially near sunrise and sunset when the sun is lower on the horizon.  Ripples in the lakes or lichens on rocks have thousands of colors ... far more than any graphic print on clothing or the best architecture or graphic arts.Yes, getting away is one of the important parts of backpacking.