Tom Norian - Site Services
an on-call resource for a select clientele
- Current Business - What I have always done and more!

I am available, upon introduction through a mutual contact, to provide select types of client services. I have an existing book of business with a number of closely held private partnerships - this steady foundation allows me to choose to work only with clients I respect and in situations where I am proud that I add value.

My independent brokerage allows me to offer different compensation structures unavailable to brokers who do not own their firms.

Experience: I have 30 years experience in Property Ownership, Development, Management, and Leasing for all classes of real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Oversight Experience

  • Office floors to Office building sales,

  • Industrial Building Sales and Leasing,

  • Retail Property Sales and Leasing from freeway frontage to Malls to Main-street Boutiques and

  • Special use properties like Schools and Gas Stations.

Residential Real Estate Brokerage Experience

  • Luxury Homes, especially where I grew up in or live now. Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey/Venice, and Malibu.

  • Moderate and Low income apartments and rental homes - I have owned and know these types of properties well

  • Vacation homes and rentals - These are viable options for investors to get their feet wet or to park money when good quality investment properties are overpriced or unavailable.

My Past Client Types:

  • Local Governments: I have been the sole representative in site acquisition for the County of Marin,

  • Corporate Operations: Relocated and re-leased office floors for fortune 500 companies, and national chains.

  • FDIC and Banks: liquidation sales of repossessed properties

  • Entrepreneurial Business Owners: both buying and leasing their business locations - from building contractors to motorcycle dealers to insurance brokers to tech company owners.

  • Highly Experienced Real Estate Investors finding buildings with the best intrinsics for their investment partnerships to acquire - it was extremely flattering when the professionals call me to represent them - they understand the role a broker adds - like a good attorney will never have himself as a client.

Ad-hoc Property Management Services

  • Event-based assistance and professional oversight assistance services. See more below.

  • I would like to grow this area of my daily efforts.

My Enthusiasm:

I enjoy situations that draw upon my multi-faceted experience.

Ultimately, my satisfaction is as important to me as the money that I earn. Where my input from experience enhances value, that gives me great satisfaction.