Tom Norian - Site Services
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- Current Business - What I have always done and more!

I have experience in many fields and have found current activities to dive into each week that employ knowledge I’ve been building on for decades. My knowledge continues to build with management involvement in commercial property partnerships that I have a direct and indirect interest in.

Wisdom comes with time and experience.

I do have the time flexibility and desire to leap into special service needs for interesting people and context. Please see the “what I am not” link for guidlines to broad ‘Johny on the Spot’ services I am interested in helping with for greater networking and the stimulation of bringing value.

My work for odd ‘site services’ will an invoiced and 1099-able property management service fee.

Fees will vary, but as a general rule of thumb, if I am interested and believe I can add value or reduce you or your clients risk, my fee per activity will generally be $115 service call fee plus $85 an hour.

Brokerage services, especially for experienced buyers and sellers, are also something I regularly do at negotiated fees. A third party facilitator on a private transaction more than pays for the fee in risk amelioration and transactions getting bogged down by miscommunication and emotional conflicts that arise from direct conversation between parties on final details in a transaction.

Web Development ? Yes, I am well on my way to my 10,000 hours in that field. Most of that is to fill my urge to build, this time in a virtual manner. Most of this work is for private projects. What I have learned does help in cutting edge property management of smart home systems and similar building systems that might require some coding to put back in service on an emergency basis.