Play a game that challenges you to match a color in picture with one of 139 colors in a palette.

Created using Ruby on Rails and AngularJS in late 2015

I’ve always been intrigued by how bright and varied colors are in nature and life…beyond the colors that we purposely use like paint and clothing dyes.

“Earth-Tones” suggest the world is full of muted browns and rusts. There is some of those, however, there are a lot of bright cheerful colors in the great-wide-world too!

I think this game is also a great way to encourage(force?) people to take a deeper look at any image included.

play a color matching game


play a color matching game

I used Ruby on Rails for this app, which is a bit of an overkill. Rails does allow for a full authenticated administrative CRUD friendly to non-technical people (bare-bones styling for now). I used the Ruby PaperClip gem for uploading and sizing of the images. I have the app configured to load the images to a separate AWS S3 bucket.

The site has been deployed using AWS elastic-beanstalk since early 2016.

upload pictures to let people match colors

I will likely switch this over to a server-less model soon after I finish on a current “serverless generic crud” site I’m planning to work on in late November 2017.

AngularJS was nicely suited for game elements like updating scores, and evolving message text. There are a lot of moving parts and Angular was a good tool for it at the time.

The photo display with it’s color sampler is made possible by a small library: PaperJS Thanks Guys!

About the game itself?

It’s so easy to just look and dismiss an image in a quickly “got-it” way, but when you need to search for a circle, or pick a spot in phase 2 that you choose to match, you really appreciate the details of an image.

I think it could be a customer engagement tool for Museums, and Retailers alike.

Score over 75% and get a 20% discount! ? Use photos of other products as part of the game!?

Check it out for yourself: Play a color-game at