I hope to devote a few blog posts to the things I learned and continue to learn iterating on TopTenMaker.com

This is my first NodeJS site, and really the most ambitious site I took on as a new developer.

About the Site

TopTenMaker.com! is a MEAN stack application deployed on Amazon Web Services.

It’s nearly ready for me to star promoting it to teen Justin Bieber fans, and sports “opinionados” who might think Elway was better than Manning.

I’ve really enjoyed learning the MEAN stack. NodeJS has been a joy and MongoDB was a perfect fit for my data models. Pure JavaScript has it’s merits but AngularJs’s two-way data-binding really let me take take the UX experience to another level. Express was simple to pick-up.

TopTenMaker.com uses the Passport Node module along with it’s Facebook and Twitter authentication to create limited access user role that allows rabid fans to vote again once every three days. The CRUD is restricted to administrative users.

The site uses a JS library called html2canvas to make easy-to-share images of lists(no need to log in for that function). We’ll see if I develop some traffic that will pay for more than a latte here and there.

All I need is for Kim Kardashian to re-tweet a picture from a sister NodeJs Twitter-bot app I wrote that will periodically tweet current standings in a picture form using ImageMagic.

I’ve read Rolling Stone’s, and ESPN’s “best ever” lists and I wanted to respond right back at them. With a few clicks and drags a visitor can easily chime-in on all sorts of subjects and share a photo of their list via social media.

Vote for your favorites and share your own top-ten lists at TopTenMaker.com


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