There are lots of great Real Estate site custom software suites out there. Very frequently Brokers are offered some out-of-the-box products when they join the local MLS.

Those are really what you need to allow your clients to interact with active listings.

I love dynamic interactive content….that’s what I like to code…BUT…that being said, sometimes you want to build rich key word sites that describe the intricacies of a field but aren’t terribly intricate anymore than magazines are intricate. Links to Reference Pages Google search algorithms love blogs, (or so I’m told) and there is no reason you can’t have links from your blog and reference site to your dynamic listing site.

What’s more, is that not all professions have things like listing services.

Not all posts are blogs entries either. Sometimes you want to share your knowledge in a field in a structured way.

As I mention in my developer blog template post, there are huge savings both in terms of monthly $ cost and hours of site maintenance related to having site run on a CMS like Wordpress. Those pesky “there is an update for your version of Drupal” messages really are a distraction.


Creating original content is not only generous but can also provide a boost to other sites you own that you link to. There is no cheating involved when you’re actually creating original content.

I have a couple other sites up in various states of completion. I’m planning a future blog post on Static Content for Fun and SEO. I’ll mention there that I created a static page in the early days of the web and I’ve left it basically untouched for 11 years! That is low maintenance!

If you’re a lawyer with a specialty, own a hobby shop, or work as a massage therapist, you can create a rich content site like these in your spare time if someone can help you with the learning curve and/or you have the right template.

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